A kind word from Jake!

Jake started lessons with BKS back in August and sends in this post.
Thanks Jake.

“I’m Jake Boswell and I’ve recently started Kayaking Lessons with Jon Best.

I have been taking paddling seriously now since getting my 3 Star Whitewater Kayaking Award and getting promoted to Div 3 Slalom last October. I first found out about Freestyle Kayaking this April at the Nene Whitewater Centre. I bought an old Pyranha S6F for a couple of hundred pounds and started to take it to various places to paddle. By complete chance I met Jon at HPP Nottingham in August and he agreed to give me lessons.

Jon has been working to improve my Freestyle, River Running and Whitewater Skills. Every lesson I start by talking to Jon about what I would like to achieve. Jon then sets some objectives and exercises for the session. With this I have moved on with my Freestyle from first surfing a hole or wave to double pumps, spins, cartwheels and now loops and splitwheels. In the last lesson we were doing some video analysis. I can then watch the footage at home and see where I am going wrong and right.

This week Jon agreed I was now ready for a Jackson All Star! I am pleased to say that I now have one and Jon has set it up with me. Jon’s kayaking and coaching skills have helped me move quickly through Div 2 Slalom finishing fairly high up at the end of the season in ‘Breakout Canoe Club’. Jon has also helped me to prepare for my BCU Level 1 Coaching Course, which I passed this weekend!

Whether you want to improve your Freestyle, Whitewater Kayaking, River Running or Coaching Skills then I have to say that Jon really is the Best!”