About the Future Freestylers Project?

Future Freestylers Project is a long-term development program for young freestyle paddlers that are keen to push their paddling forward to the next level.

The aims for the paddlers on the project vary.
Some are training to make it onto the Great Britain Freestyle Team, while others are already on the GB Team and are training for the next big competition. Most are just looking to get the best out of their paddling and eventually use their skills to take them to new places, surf new waves and enjoy the world that Freestyle paddling can bring.

A personal touch.
Each individual paddler on the project will be in close contact with BKS to organize their session dates and times. The project paddlers can also contact BKS via phone or e-mail for personal paddling advise and updates in between coaching sessions.

Each paddler will receive:
A personal action plan folder, where goals are set, progression is recorded, and feedback is logged.
A USB stick used to store and transfer video footage from coaching sessions.

For information on prices and being a part of this development program please contact
Jon Best at jonbest@ymail.com 07590 824206

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